About Me…!

Hi All,

Greetings for the day…!!!

I am a Production Support SQL Server DBA havingĀ 9+ years experience in SQL Server Technologies.

Worked for different Domains – Banking, Finance, Telecom, Logistics, Medical and Govt. Sector Projects.

I love INDIA and my People..

I am serving Orphans from past 5 years. Promoting, helping, guiding etc to develop the Orphanage.



Chills & Cheers,

Have a nice day….. :-)

“Jai Hindh” – Long Live INDIA..


8 responses

  1. Stumbled on your blog! I love it. it motivates me. keep up the good work. I will bookmark this definitely!

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  3. very nice scripts ………..

  4. Vijendar Gillella | Reply

    I do agree with Rajiv, Its very helpful for us.


  5. it is very good blog

  6. Nice blog…

    It is helpful for beginners like me…..

    – Rajiv. S. S.

  7. Have a happy scripting…..!!

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