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Listing all the Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in a Database

Execute the following script in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Query Analyzer
to list all the primary keys and foreign keys in a database.
— Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL list all primary and foreign keys
— mssql information_schema views
— Database table primary key and foreign key columns

USE AdventureWorksDW;

SELECT SchemaName=c.table_schema,
FROM   information_schema.table_constraints pk
       INNER JOIN information_schema.key_column_usage c
         ON c.table_name = pk.table_name
            AND c.constraint_name = pk.constraint_name
–WHERE  c.table_schema = ‘Sales’ — uncomment it for a specific schema
ORDER BY SchemaName, TableName, ColumnName

/* Partial results
SchemaName  TableName         ColumnName              KeyConstraint
Sales       SalesOrderDetail  ProductID               FOREIGN KEY
Sales       SalesOrderDetail  SalesOrderDetailID      PRIMARY KEY
Sales       SalesOrderDetail  SalesOrderID            PRIMARY KEY
Sales       SalesOrderDetail  SalesOrderID            FOREIGN KEY
Sales       SalesOrderDetail  SpecialOfferID          FOREIGN KEY
Sales       SalesOrderHeader  BillToAddressID         FOREIGN KEY


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