DBCC Commands and Understanding

DBCC CHECKALLOC   – Check consistency of disk allocation.

DBCC CHECKCATALOG – Check catalog consistency

DBCC CHECKCONSTRAINTS – Check integrity of table constraints.

DBCC CHECKDB    – Check allocation, and integrity of all objects.

DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP – Check all tables and indexed views in a filegroup.

DBCC CHECKIDENT – Check identity value for a table.

DBCC CHECKTABLE – Check integrity of a table or indexed view.

DBCC CLEANTABLE – Reclaim space from dropped variable-length columns.

DBCC dllname    – Unload a DLL from memory.

DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS – Remove all clean buffers from the buffer pool.

DBCC FREE… CACHE  – Remove items from cache.

DBCC HELP        – Help for DBCC commands.

DBCC INPUTBUFFER – Display last statement sent from a client to a database instance.

DBCC OPENTRAN    – Display information about recent transactions.

DBCC OUTPUTBUFFER – Display last statement sent from a client to a database instance.

DBCC PROCCACHE   – Display information about the procedure cache

DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS – Display the current distribution statistics

DBCC SHRINKDATABASE – Shrink the size of the database data and log files.

DBCC SHRINKFILE  – Shrink or empty a database data or log file.

DBCC SQLPERF     – Display transaction-log space statistics. Reset wait and latch statistics.

DBCC TRACE…    – Enable or Disable trace flags

DBCC UPDATEUSAGE – Report and correct page and row count inaccuracies in catalog views

DBCC USEROPTIONS – Return the SET options currently active


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