Delete huge data from a table without Transaction Log Full

Suggested approach resolves problem of transaction log growth but it does not comply with consistancy rule. Delete is not executed as a single transaction (otherwise we will have problem with transaction log). Database recovery model should be set to single before deletion start. And here is the script



declare @r int

set @r = 10

WHILE @r > 0


delete ord

from  orders w (nolock)

right outer join orderdetails ord on ord.ID = w.DetailID

where w.xpitordernumber is null

  and conditionalfield = 1

set @r = @@ROWCOUNT


  So the table orders will be purged by 100k rows batches wihout holding huje amount of locks,transaction log growth etc. Microsoft says that set rowcount won’t be supported for data modification operations (such as delete, update, insert) however it still works on my SQL Server 2008 RTM.


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