Identify mostly used Indexes in SQL Server

To identify the most used indexes in your DB run the following query. This will help you to identify whether or not your indexes are useful and used.

declare @dbid int
–To get Datbase ID
set @dbid = db_id()

db_name(d.database_id) database_name
,object_name(d.object_id) object_name
, index_name,
from sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats d
inner join sys.indexes s
on d.object_id = s.object_id
and d.index_id = s.index_id
left outer join
(select distinct object_id, index_id,
stuff((SELECT ‘,’+col_name(object_id,column_id ) as ‘data()’ FROM sys.index_columns t2 where t1.object_id =t2.object_id and t1.index_id = t2.index_id FOR XML PATH (”)),1,1,”)
as ‘index_columns’ FROM sys.index_columns t1 ) c on
c.index_id = s.index_id and c.object_id = s.object_id
where database_id = @dbid
and s.type_desc = ‘NONCLUSTERED’
and objectproperty(d.object_id, ‘IsIndexable’) = 1
order by
(user_seeks+user_scans+user_lookups+system_seeks+system_scans+system_lookups) desc


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